Stichting Oud in Afrika (the ‘Old in Africa’ Foundation) is a charity providing assistance to the elderly in Africa. Since the year 2001, we are able to support several longterm projects in Africa with the financial help of a small group of dedicated donors and a larger group of small, one-time donors.

Oud in Afrika’s aim is to help those who are unable to care for themselves and who receive inadequate care from any other sources. Our target group includes elderly looking after orphaned children. The traditional care and support system that was formerly available for the elderly, has in many cases, crumbled due to the weakening of the extended family support system, caused by the HIV/AIDS scourge and social unrest or outright wars in Africa. Without support, many of these seniors cannot cope. The support and assistance given by Oud in Afrika to elderly people is provided by local organisations. Our partners are scutinized on transparency, knowledge, integrity and financial security with regards to the money spent on the assistance and support given.

On the spot aid
Oud in Afrika contributes towards the costs of practical, on-the-spot aid. That aid is provided by specialist organisations who are embedded in local culture and society – they know the elderly people and their circumstances. Such organisations are locally accredited, are well run and enjoy sound financial management. They provide a full statement of how the funds provided by Oud in Afrika, are allocated. Each presents a breakdown of planned activities, with relevant budget, before undertaking the relevant activities.

The help provided by such local organisations may include: providing medical supplies (walking frames, bed linen, etc. ), arranging paramedical help & food, visiting the elderly and helping with general everyday activities (shopping, washing, tidying up).

How we support local organisations
Our aim is to help the recipients leading a dignified existence, living independently in the community for as long as possible. Oud in Afrika does not couple donors to recipients; there is no ‘adoption’-programme. This is mainly because adoption programmes are expensive: both administration and communication divert valuable resources which can be put to better use in providing actual aid. Of course, it remains possible to examine how the local partner has allocated funds, right down to the individual level, and hence how the donations made to Oud in Afrika have been spent. The local organizations produce annual accounts, audited by a duly accredited accountant.

The Board consists of

  • Koen Vliegenthart – Chairman  – Treasurer – phone +31 1 08 44 55 01
  • Wilma Schrover
  • Jos Dreesens
  • Dick Wittenberg